Admission procedure :

If you are coming to Parvati Hospital for the first time you will be admitted by registration process. All necessary information has to be filled in the registration form of the patient. If patient has an initial record or any prior medical treatment, it has to be filled in the patient record form accurately. The documents regarding previous medication have to be submitted along with the form. A file will be created and issued to you or a member of your family. Registration counter is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The required deposit has to be paid at the time of admission. The payment is deposited according to the nature of the treatment and room requested. The surgical admissions are confirmed a day prior to the surgery with the required payment. Please take care of your valuable things as after admission hospital will not be responsible for losses.

During Stay :

The loved ones of the patient have to stay in the hospital because the patient is under the care and supervision of the doctors and nurses. We give you priority and provide you high quality care you need. Our physicians, nurses and other personnel involved in your care are of best quality. You can share your concerns regarding the in charge of nurse of that area. We provide you safe and clean environment where consumption of alcohol and cigarettes are strictly prohibited. We maintain our standards of hygiene and also keep our toilets clean and dry. Housekeeping is done thrice in a day and additional assistance is done according to the required need. Our house-keeping staffs are trained in providing you safe environment by practising infection control policies. We wash or sanitize our hands and also encourage patients and visitors too to do the same regularly to stay healthy. We provide you a cafeteria where you can pay and get the food delivered to the patient’s room.

Discharge Procedure :

A written approval or consent by the consulted doctor is necessary for the process of discharge. If the patient is transferred to another hospital then a written consent signed is required by the patient relative as the hospital will not be held responsible in that case. Every patient is discharged with a discharge card given to his/her relative by the floor staff after completing the required formalities. Visitors passes have to be submitted at the billing counter at the time of depart. After the discharge formalities are being over patients are not allowed to stay in the hospital. The process of discharge takes about one and an half hour. After discharge room should be vacant prior to 12 noon to make required arrangements. Additional charges will be added for staying beyond the time. Your physician may prescribe you with proper medications to use at home, follow up visit and other outpatient therapy services.

Guidance for Patient :

Staying in hospitals is a bit scary so patient should understand that everyone (doctors, nurses, personnel care assistants and technicians) here is with an intention to help him/her. So the patient must be calm, polite and helpful making the things go smoothly. Don’t lose control over what is happening to your body. Be aware of the treatment and medication you are receiving. In spite of nurse taking your blood pressure after every four hours and awakening you at midnight, delivering you medication at all hours, cleaning up your room, checking supplies in your room you must respect hospital routine and must understand their system of working. You can many at times feel frustrated with the tangle of wires tubes and machines and many aspects of hospital life. Going to bathroom should have involvement of nurse or personnel care assistant and should be done until the urge is irresistible.

Guidance for Visitors :

We value your family so for quality care and safety of your patients we advise visitors to follow some rules and regulations :

  • Visit the patient only during visiting hours
  • While entering the hospital wear the desired passes given at the time of admission of the patient
  • Do not touch patient or any article used by the patient
  • Do not touch any machinery whether movable or not
  • Do not click pictures or use cameras in the hospital
  • Do not touch any needle syringes or any article of the hospital
  • Do not enter in patient care area if suffering from communicable diseases
  • Do not touch any specimens
  • Do not eat anything near the patient or the patient care area
  • Wash your hands thoroughly while entering and leaving the hospital
  • Use of mobile phones is only in the approved areas

Billing Procedure :

The billing cycle starts from the time of admission to the time of check out. It is paid on the cashier window on the ground floor. Payment can be done by cash, cheques credit card or online. Our team of patient service coordinator makes your payment arrangement in a hassle free and efficient manner. Our team members helps the patient family understands the modes of payment including insurance policies in a healthier way. Our motive is to provide proper ailment to the patient and provide comfort and convenience to the family members by completing the paperwork in a better way. Billing is done according to the room category and type of treatment the patient had. In ICU visits for doctors are charged per day. In online payment confirmation of screen or email is forwarded to the billing representative to make the billing process easier.

Corporate Tie-up :

Parvati Hospital is associated with an aim to provide health care for every patient with proper care and advanced treatment. We have got laid down quality policy and quality manual, based on relevant Indian Standards, which has been implemented and observed in the working of hospital. We have galaxy of experts and super specialist experienced and accomplished clinician and doctors who provide regular health checkups and examinations for all employees, their families and person ensuring good health. We want to make the journey of health better by having international standards and bringing personalized and coordinated health for medical solutions. Curing the patient with responsibility and improved technology is the main functioning of our hospitals. Our tie-up helps us to reach the people of various cultural backgrounds at same place. Our vision is to cure care and comfort and deliver international class with high standard of medical services.

Quality & Safety :

Patient safety is most important for any health care services or hospitals. Diagnostic errors or delayed diagnosis can lead to hazards. Our hospital should have a patient service care committee including representatives from medical services, nursing, housekeeping etc. to take care of the infection control in the hospital. We have trained employees taking care of patient safety issues. All hospitals should together join hands and take necessary measures to give best possible practices for the patient safety. We take necessary safety measures regarding hospital hygiene, needle stick injuries and other medication errors etc. We educate our staff and patients time to time regarding these safety measures issues. We take extra care while treating sick patients in Intensive Care Unit to avoid errors. We maintain proper communication between the staff and the patients to create and implement the safety policies.